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Cloud ERP vs On Premise ERP

Deployment & Implementation

Cloud ERP
· Hosted by the vendor and accessed via mobile apps, Internet browsers or both
· Faster to deploy (i.e. days or weeks)
Cloud ERP is implemented in shorter periods of between two to six months and at lesser upfront costs. However customisation is dependent and limited to the features a cloud ERP vendor is offering.
On-premise ERP
· Installed locally on your own computers and servers
· Slower to deploy (i.e. months or even years)
The company entirely handles the implementation of an on-premise ERP. Because of this, the process takes a considerable amount of time. Depending on the types of ERP and its features, implementation may take as long as six months to over a year. In addition to this there are high upfront cost for hardware infrastructure and staff cost.

Business Changes, Performance and Scalability

Cloud ERP
·Quick turnaround for software and process changes
·No Developer or IT Administrator required
·Built with maximum network and server performance in mind
·Dynamically adapts to surges in demand or spikes in server load
Cloud-based ERP service is usually bound to its set of features but enables customisation to a certain extent for an additional fee. Cloud ERP also benefit from cloud scaling features that allow taking as many resources as required to maintain operation.
On-premise ERP
· Cumbersome to make software and process changes
· Developer or IT Administrator may be required
· Typically slow and clunky
· Requires manual monitoring in case of spikes in demand
On-premise ERP is open for all sorts of customisation, according to the business needs of the company. After all, the assets are all there and you can rearrange them in any way you see fit. However, this comes with additional spending and may cause various operational setbacks like prolonged downtime or accidental misconfiguration. And scalability capacity is limited to the hardware. This means that you need to plan growth and expand the system accordingly, i.e. deploy additional or refresh hardware infrastructure.


Cloud ERP
· Reputable cloud vendors have strict security measures in place and adhere to PCI DSS standards
· Software updates often involve security enhancements and improvements
· You’ll need security processes in place for remote workers and those taking sales on the road
In the case of cloud ERP, the company’s data is on the vendor’s cloud platform and accessed through a browser application. This approach means there are various encryption and access management protocols at play. In addition to this, the ERP vendor provides more frequent security updates.
On-premise ERP
· Locally installed, so there’s a small security risk
· You’ll still need to be aware and protected against computer hackers and viruses
· Data security is your responsibility
With on-premise ERP, the company has full control over data. Because of this, the company needs to be cautious about its data security policies and efficiency, in order to avoid possible breaches and malicious attacks.

Regardless of whether it is an on cloud or on-premise ERP system, resource planning is one of the integral parts of business operations. It is the backbone of an efficient and cost-effective pipeline that brings and enables results, first and foremost.


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